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Test & Assurance Solutions for Every Stage of the 5G Lifecycle

Take the lead in 5G with solutions from VIAVI for validation, verification, and visibility.

5G Validation

For network equipment manufacturers and service provider labs, success in 5G depends on strategies and resources to analyze, develop and validate the performance and capability of network functions and devices in the lab before manufacturing at scale and deploying in the field.
Application Note

Test Suite for O-RAN Specifications

This application note provides use cases and details instrument and system recommendations to support…

Testing the RIC Webinar

Discover the important new O-RAN network component, the RAN Intelligent Controller and how you can test it.

Driving Down the Cost of Deploying & Operating O-RAN

Understand the functions and test challenges of the RAN Intelligent Controller.

Cloud-Accessible Lab-Based Open RAN Solutions

Over 85% of NEMs are using VIAVI RANtoCore Solutions for gNB development.

Top 5 Test Challenges in an Open RAN Environment

Learn about the Top 5 Test Challenges in an Open RAN environment and how VIAVI can support you.

5G SA Core Test, Running On AWS Outposts / TeraVM

Watch TeraVM Core Tester running in an Cloud-edge platform, ensuring low latency applications run successfully…

5G Verification

Successful field deployment requires a thorough understanding and a comprehensive strategy to verify infrastructure, devices, and services from RAN to Core.

Understanding 5G

A practical guide to deploying and maintaining 5G networks, complete with O-RAN content explaining the how…

Open RAN Radio Verification

The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 is the ideal portable test solution to verify and troubleshoot open RAN radios for effective network deployment.

5G Network Deployment Handbook

This handbook offers insights to simplify the complexities 5G introduces—from RAN to Core—and across new applications.

Interference Hunting Handbook

Identifying and correcting interference issues in a mobile environment is challenging but critical. This guide…

Fronthaul Handbook

This guide explains the impact of 5G on transport networks and introduces key test considerations for ensuring…

Timing and Synchronization Handbook

Syncronizatin is critical in 5G. Read this guide to understande the relationship of TDD, timing and synchonization, and…

Importance of Antenna Alignment for 4G & 5G

Genis Sanchez, Product Line Manager, VIAVI Solutions

How to Test and Troubleshoot O-RAN Transport and Synchronization Functions in the Field

Reza Vaez-Ghaemi, Ph.D., Senior Manager PLM, VIAVI Solutions

5G and Avionics Technologies Harmonization

Find out how to detect and mitigate potential interferences through testing and adjusting 5G networks’ influence…

5G Visibility

Service Assurance is a critical element of the 5G network from day 1. Providers must ensure that the network and services are optimized for customer satisfaction and perform to a standard that enables new revenue streams for enhanced profitability.
White Paper

Unique Cloud-native Approach to Disaggregated Assurance and Analytics

Successful navigation of the growing private networking opportunity for MNOs requires subscriber-centric, end-to-end…

Deploy, Manage and
Monetize 5G

Proven test and assurance strategies to implement today.
White Paper

Open Assurance and Analytics

Service assurance strategy is essential from day 1 of 5G network planning. Understand the requirements to achieve the necessary network characteristics…

5G Standalone Core Poster

This poster is a detailed reference for service providers preparing for the transition to standalone (SA) 5G…

The 5G Business Case Puzzle

As 5G deployments ramp up, new business challenges abound. Explore perspectives, insights and recommendations in this ebook from…

5G NR Poster

As 5G standards continue to be finalized, network equipment manufacturers, service providers and their ecosystems…

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